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COBRA — Managing and canceling coverage
COBRA — Managing and canceling coverage

Learn how to make changes to or terminate your COBRA coverage

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You can make changes or cancel your COBRA coverage by logging into

To find out how to make changes or terminate coverage continue reading or jump to a section with these links:

Making changes to COBRA coverage

You can make changes by entering a support request in the online message center.

  • Add or remove dependents (please note that requests to add or remove dependents are governed by the terms of your group health plan)

  • Change address

  • Cancel coverage (Note: you may always cancel your coverage by simply refraining from making a monthly COBRA premium payment)

To make a request:

1. Log into and select Message Center at the top of the page.

2. Under the Contact Us section, you can choose link to submit a support request. Then a Request option will come up for you to select COBRA from the drop down and then select category for your question in the next drop down. Depending on your question, you will complete additional information through prompts to finish your requests.

3. Then select Proceed to Submit Request.

Change in Life Status Events

Life Status Events are a defined set of events that may allow you to change, add or remove dependents from your COBRA coverage. Your specific plan sponsor may have more stringent requirements for notification practices for these events. The list below shows those events and possible verification documents that may be required to update your continuing coverage benefit. Notifications are typically required by Plan Sponsors to be submitted in writing.

Birth - HealthEquity must be notified 30 days from the date of the birth. Generally, the most appropriate method of notification is to send a copy of the birth certificate. A birth does not extend the COBRA period.
Death - HealthEquity must be notified 60 days from the day of death. Any qualified beneficiaries will be converted to their own account and receive 36 months of coverage from the original QE date. Generally, the most common method of notification is to send a copy of the death certificate.
Marriage - HealthEquity must be notified 30 days from the date of marriage. Generally, the most common method of notification is to send a copy of the marriage license. A marriage does not extend the COBRA period.
Adoption - HealthEquity must be notified 30 days from the final adoption date. Generally, the most appropriate method of notification is to send a copy of the placement for adoption documentation. An adoption does not extend the COBRA period.
Divorce/Legal separation - HealthEquity must be notified 60 days from the date of the divorce/legal separation. Generally, the most appropriate method of notification is to send a copy of divorce decree. Qualified beneficiaries can submit documentation to HealthEquity which provides the date of the divorce and the spouse will be converted to their own account and may be eligible to receive 36 months of coverage form the original QE date (if applicable).
Loss of dependent status for a child - Generally, HealthEquity must be notified 60 days from the date of the loss of dependent status.

Canceling COBRA coverage

COBRA is month-to-month coverage and can be terminated in the following ways:

  • Simply stop paying premiums and your COBRA coverage will be terminated for non-payment.

  • Enter a support request in the online message center.

  • Send a letter to WageWorks requesting termination of your COBRA coverage (note that certain cancellation requests are subject to the employer’s applicable group health plan provisions).

If you choose to cancel coverage, it cannot be reinstated. Coverage will be automatically canceled if your payment is not postmarked on or before the deadline date of the month your premium is due.

Note: we do not report non-payment to credit bureaus.

Termination letters can be mailed to:
P.O. Box 223684
Dallas, TX 75222-3684

Or faxed to 1.866.450.5634

If you are currently receiving COBRA coverage for which a premium is being paid and you wish to waive future coverage, you can simply refrain from paying the COBRA premium for that coverage period. Your COBRA coverage will cancel automatically as of the end of the last coverage period for which timely premiums were paid and received. For example, a qualified beneficiary who has paid for COBRA through the end of November wishes to cancel her coverage as of December 1. She could refrain from mailing her December COBRA premium payment; her COBRA coverage would retroactively cancel as of December 1 if she does not mail a COBRA premium payment for the December coverage period postmarked on or before December 31. Requests for retroactive cancellation of COBRA coverage must be submitted in writing, stating you wish to cancel coverage starting on a particular date. In your letter, please include your Social Security number or participant identification number and any additional documentation relevant to your request (for example, a copy of your insurance card if you are requesting a retroactive cancellation due to enrollment in other group health plan coverage).

Early Termination

A group health plan may terminate the member’s COBRA coverage before the end of the required coverage period for any of the following reasons:

  • Monthly premiums not paid in full on a timely basis

  • The employer group ceases to maintain any group health plan for any employee

  • A qualified beneficiary becomes enrolled in health coverage benefits under another group plan after electing COBRA coverage

  • A qualified beneficiary becomes entitled to Medicare benefits (under Part A, Part B, or both) after electing continuation coverage

  • A qualified beneficiary engages in conduct that would justify the termination of coverage (such as fraud)

If the group decides to terminate continuation coverage early, the plan must provide an early termination notice as soon as is reasonable following the decision. The notice must detail the coverage end date, the reason for ending coverage and any rights under the plan or the law to elect alternative health coverage options.

COBRA participants may terminate coverage early, but they generally won't be able to get a Health Insurance Marketplace plan outside of the open enrollment period.

Dropping dependents from COBRA

You can drop dependents from COBRA coverage. Your request must be made in writing and can be mailed to:
P.O. Box 223684
Dallas, TX 75222-3684

Or faxed to 1.866.450.5634

What is a direct billing service?

Direct billing allows certain individuals (such as retirees, employees on extended leave, etc.) to pay for ongoing group health benefits using a third-party administrator to manage accounts and accept premium payments on behalf of the employer. HealthEquity acts as a third party to help employers manage these ongoing benefits.

This type of continuing coverage benefit is an optional benefit an employer may provide where plan options are determined solely by the employer.

How do I contact the HealthEquity direct billing support team?

For payment questions on continued health coverage with direct billing services, contact the support team toll free: 844.341.6993.

Our direct billing experts are available Monday through Friday 8 am - 8 pm EST.

If you reach the support line after hours, please leave a message and a member of our direct billing support team will return your call.

How do I access my direct billing account?

You can access your direct billing account online by following these steps:

2. Select New User Registration

3. Enter your registration code

4. Set up your account with a username and password that you will use to access your account on the portal moving forward.

Once registered, you will use the portal to elect coverage options, view plan details, review payment deadlines and make online premium payments.

I’m locked out of my online account, how do I regain access?

You will need to call the COBRA and direct billing support line at 844.341.6993 to have your username and/or password reset.

If you are worried about missing an election or payment deadline, ensure the election form or payment is postmarked on or before the due date.

Mail your payment and/or election form to:
P.O. Box 3478
Omaha, NE 68103-3478

Be sure to include the monthly payment coupon with your check and write your full name and phone number on the check to ensure your payment is processed correctly and promptly.

Can I manage my direct billing account online?

Your initial direct billing notice will be sent to you by mail, but you can elect continuous coverage and manage your coverage online. Simply use the registration code found in your initial notice to register on the HealthEquity direct billing portal (

Once registered on the portal, you can view coverage options, review deadlines, make premium payments and view communications.

Do I use my existing HealthEquity credentials to sign into my COBRA account?

No. You will not be able to access your COBRA account with your existing credentials. You will need to set up a separate username and password for the COBRA portal.

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